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Expert DOJO is an international startup accelerator based in Santa Monica.


Last Funding Type
Equity Crowdfunding
Last Funding Money Raised
Enterprise,Financial Services,Information Technology,Venture Capital
Founded date
Dec 2, 2014
Operating Status
Legal Name
Expert DOJO
Investor Type
Accelerate,Venture Capital

Expert DOJO is the most active international early-stage startup accelerator in Southern California. We invest $100,000 in each of our startups and help them get traction and scale faster than they could ever do by themselves.

Since 2018, we have invested in over 80 startups to accelerate their growth. What makes us special is our focus on building visionary companies. If you can visualize your unicorn, you have a higher probability of achieving its full potential. That’s where Expert DOJO comes in.

We invest in pre-seed and seed companies ready to scale quickly. Most of our startups are minority and female founded technology companies. However, we remain industry agnostic and invest in founders from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds.

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount
EXPERT DOJO has raised a total of $1.07M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Oct 9, 2021 from a Equity Crowdfunding round.
Announced Date Round Money Raised Number of Investors Lead Investors Post Valuation
Oct 9, 2021 Equity Crowdfunding $1.07M 2 Detail
Oct 9, 2019 Seed 1 Detail


Number of Investments
Number of Lead Investments
EXPERT DOJO has made 248 investments. Their most recent investment was on Oct 31, 2022, when Patientory raised $25K.
Date Company Name
Round Money Raised Industry Lead Investor
Oct 31, 2022 Patientory
Seed $25K Blockchain
Oct 31, 2022
Pre-seed $50K Biotechnology
Oct 31, 2022 GameTree
Seed $610K Artificial Intelligence
Pre-seed $50K Cyber Security
Oct 31, 2022 truQ
Pre-seed $50K Logistics


Number of Lead Investors
Number of Investors
EXPERT DOJO is funded by 3 investors. Bay Wharf Capital and Virgil Andry are the most recent investors.
Investor Name Lead Investor Funding Round
Bay Wharf Capital Equity Crowdfunding
Virgil Andry Equity Crowdfunding

Employee Profiles

Number of Employee Profiles
EXPERT DOJO has 11 current employee profiles, including Executive Brian Mac Mahon


EXPERT DOJO has had 1 exits. EXPERT DOJO most notable exits include Woodpecker

Date Company Name Exit Type Industry
Nov 9, 2021 Woodpecker M&A Legal Tech Detail