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MITO Material creates chemical additives for polymer composite manufacturers seeking superior performance, flexibility, and durability.


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Innovation Management,Manufacturing,Product Design
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Jan 1, 2015
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1 - 10
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Mito Materials

MITO Material Solutions has developed a nano-additive named the “MITO T-Series.” The T-Series is then mixed in with any epoxy or resin, which then toughens composite parts by 100% while decreasing the chances of mechanical failure by 80%. This allows industries to pick which value they would like to have in their products: a 100% increase in toughness, or up to a 35% decrease of materials needed.

For the RV and boating industries, the T-Series can be used to toughen the fiberglass that makes the outer shell and hull of RVs and boats, respectively. For the aerospace industry, the T-Series can be used to decrease the amount of materials needed to create the part with the same toughness as the original part. This will allow aircraft manufacturers to shed tens of thousands of pounds while simultaneously saving millions of dollars on day one.

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount
Mito Material Solutions has raised a total of $6.86M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Mar 8, 2022 from a Seed round.
Announced Date Round Money Raised Number of Investors Lead Investors Post Valuation
Mar 8, 2022 Seed $4.60M 1 Ingevity Corp. Detail
Aug 31, 2020 Seed $1M 7 Dipalo Ventures
Evergreen Climate Innovations
Dec 4, 2019 Seed $120K 1 Techstars Detail
Sep 22, 2019 Grant $0.92M 1 National Science Foundation Detail
Mar 1, 2018 Series Unknown 1 Detail


Number of Lead Investors
Number of Investors
Mito Material Solutions is funded by 11 investors. Ingevity Corp. and Dipalo Ventures are the most recent investors.
Investor Name Lead Investor Funding Round
Ingevity Corp. Yes Seed
Dipalo Ventures Yes Seed
Evergreen Climate Innovations Yes Seed
Techstars Yes Seed
National Science Foundation Yes Grant
CAV Angels Seed
Cortado Ventures Seed
Elevate Ventures Seed
HG Ventures Seed
VisionTech Partners Seed

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Mito Material Solutions has 7 current employee profiles, including Board member Rafiq Ahmed
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Board member