Cointime Erasure Application Request Form

Part 1 - Overview

For an overview of data subject rights available to you please refer to the Cointime Privacy Policy. If you feel that one of the rights applies to you and you wish to exercise it please complete the form and submit it to us together with the verification documentation set out at Part 3 below.

Please ensure that you have provided all of the information requested below in English or Chinese and in a legible format, and add as much detail as possible as we will not respond to incomplete requests. If you have any questions about this form, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Cointime when used in this form refers to your data controlling entity referred to in the Cointime Privacy Policy.

Part 2 - Request Form
Please carefully enter your data. We will not be able to service your request unless the data is entered correctly.
Enter your contact information

Learn how to delete your account, change incorrect information on your account, or request a copy of your personal data by going here.

For each option selected above, please provide as much detail as possible on your reasons for the request to assist us in determining whether you have a valid basis for erasure. Please note, however, that we may retain the personal data if there are valid grounds under law for us to do so (e.g., for the defence of legal claims or freedom of expression) but we will let you know if that is the case.

Part 3 - Verification of Data Subject
In order to validate your or the data subject on whose behalf you write to us' request, and to make sure we protection your data, we need to verify your identity. We may ask you at any point during this process to provide us with or upload additional information or documents before we assess whether or not it is appropriate to comply with your request.